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On the 292nd edition of the show, we'll start with some old tracks from Madagascar and Mali, then continue with some new music for ancient instruments, and folk music from Spain, Slovakia, England and Greece. Artists include Bidaia, Miriam Kaiser Trio, Mahaleo, Terak Anosy, Harp & A Monkey; Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll; Petroloukas Halkias & Vasilis Kostas; Orchid Ensemble, and Nahawa Doumbia.
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RootsWorld Radio #291 includes music from the Haitian/New Orleans collaboration HaitiaNOLA by Lakou Mizik (Our Music of the Month selection). Also on the show, Novar (Netherlands), Leveret (England), Zulya (Russia/Australia), Albuin Paulu (Austria), Trio Dhoore (Netherlands), Afenginn (Nordic), Mats Eden & Stefan Klaverdal, Rez Abbasi & The Silent Ensemble, and the Italian/Spanish/Belgian collaborators of 'Alegria e Liberta.'
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On RootsWorld Radio #290, there will be lots of strings: violins, fiddles, hardangar fiddles, ngonis, viola d'amore and more. Artists on the show include Baba Sissoko, Miriam Kaiser Trio, Terje Isungset, Mouth Music, Louisa Lyne, Benedicte Maurseth, Sver and the Minyo Crusaders.
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RootsWorld Radio #289 includes music from Slovakia, Atlanta via Cameroon, Malawi, Peru, Belgium, Haiti, New Orleans and Brooklyn. Artists on the show: Spanglish Fly, Los Wemblers de Iquitos, Madalitso Band, Banda, Miriam Kaiser Trio, and Aurelie Dorzee & Tom Theuns.
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RootsWorld Radio #288 will feature a number of cross-border collaborations, with music by Gaizca Project (Catalonia, Galicia and Basque country), Alegria e Liberta (Spain, Italy, Belgium), Kayhan Kalhor & Rembrant Frerich Trio (Iran, Netherlands), and Heida Bjorg and Kaos (Iceland, France). We will also feature Zimbabwen mbira player and singer Hope Masike, Finnish accordionist Teija Niku, and Basque triki master Kepa Junkera.
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The 287th editions of RootsWorld Radio will include Polynesian singer Olivia Foa'i and the band Te vaka; South American bluegrass-Latin band Che Apalache, Irish fiddler Martin Hayes with the string quartet Brooklyn Rider; Finnish accordionist Teija Niku, Real Vocal String Quartet, Portuguese singer Mísia, Väsen from Sweden; Lea Nicholson on concertina, and the ensemble Bube Dame Konig from Germany.
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