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The week of February 27th, 2017
The 228th edition of RootsWorld Radio starts with some artists that explore The Treasure of Language; in this case, lesser know tongues of Europe and the Atlantic. Languages all have their own unique rhythms and meter that are reflected in both the poetry and in the music itself. These artists offer us a glimpse into their very local worlds, singing (and, in effect, playing) in Faroese, Karelian and Älvdalska. The artists for these pieces are Kata (Faroe Islands), Lekkujad (Finland/Karelia) and Lena Willemark (Älvdalans, Sweden). Other artists on the show include Derroll Adams (US), Okra Playground (Finland), Nisia (Italy/Belgium) and Olu Dara (US).

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

On the 227th edition of RootsWorld radio, there will be dances in the forests of Brazil, in the supermarkets of Finland, in the barber shops of Naples, in the streets of Santa Monica and on a mythical Congo Square in Madagascar. We'll feature a few songs from our Music of the Month selection by Sekou Keita and Omar Sosa, and much more. Artists on this week's show include Janka Nabay & The Bubu Gang, Kerdoncuff, Le Floc'h & Berthou, Tao Ravao & Thomas Laurent, The Epifani Barbers, the Osama Abdulrosol Qunitet, Osman Martins & Quatour MP4, Subsonic Trio and Jaakko Laitenen & Väära Raha.

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

On the 226th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll start with experimental music for the Brazilian berimbau, listen to a Czech Breton collaboration both musically and socially charged, globe hop with some great guitars, some Cape Verdean accordion, a bit of punta rock, and listen to something that is "as melancholy as it is strange" from Niger. Artists inculde Arcomusical, ba.fnu & Yann-Fañch Kemener, Bitori, Robson Banda & The New Black Eagles, Malagache Connexion, Aurelio Martinez, Jawhar & Mitsou, and Boubacar Traoré and Studio Shap Shap.

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

The 225th edition of RootsWorld starts off with music from the Finno-Russian border region of Karelia. We'll also hear Garifuna music from Honduras, a singer from Galicia, and a song of a Russian shtetel. Featured recordings on today's show include Greek singer Martha Mavroidi's a capella exploration of Greece, the Balkans and beyond; and a collaborative work by Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Senegalese singer, percussionist and kora player Sekou Keita. Artists on the program include Lekkujad, Aurelio Martinez and The Klezmatics.

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

RootsWorld Radio #224 starts with the thought that we all need to "work like we are living in the early days of a better nation." We'll be introducing you to the diasporadical sounds of Ghanaian American rapper Blitz The Ambassador, listening to a new musical collaboration by Cuban pianist Omar Sosa and Senegalese singer and kora player Seckou Keita. Other artists featured on the program include Ani Cordero, Diabo a Sete from Portugal, The Oysterband, Italian singer Louisa Bailèche, and the London folk trio Teyr. From Belgium we'll hear the banjo, accordion, guitar, violin and keyboards of Big Sun. And we'll revisit recordings by two ensembles with roots in Niger - Serendou, and Studio Shap Shap.

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

The 223rd edition of RootsWorld Radio will start and end the program with a few songs from the ensemble Studio Shap Shap, who recorded their new album on the streets of their neighborhood in Niamey, Niger. We'll hear from Swedish singer and fiddler Lena Willemark, a trio of Swedes and Danes called Bragr, songs from a cooperative work by Montreal based ensemble Constantinople, a trio of Canadian and Persian musicians, joined by Senegalese kora player, singer and composer Ablaye Cissoko. Also in the show, Portuguese singer and accordionist Celina da Piedade, Malian guitarist Djessou Mory Kante, NYC song writer and singer Ani Cordero, Afro-Colombian diva Toto La Momposina, and Cuban pianist and band leader Roberto Fonseca.

Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

RootsWorld Radio #222 begins with music from a trio of musicians from Niger and Brittany, Serendou. We'll feature 2 tracks, one of which includes tuba player Michel Godard. We'll carry on from there with ensembles with tuba players, from France and Norway. We will also feature a number of works from an unusual series called "The Bow Project," a series of compositions based on the bow playing and singing of Xhosa (South African) musician Nofinishi Dywili, who accompanied herself on a traditional bow and string instrument called the uhadi. The traditional bow and vocal recordings are paired with new works commissioned and performed by The Nightingale String Quartet from Denmark. From there we'll move to new work for vocals, percussion and strings from Swedish singer and composer Lena Willemark, and finish with some dance music from Denmark by Ostinat Expressen.
Audio courtesy of our partners at RadioFolk.dk

The final program for 2016, RootsWorld Radio #221 will be one long set of music, with wanderings to Ukraine, Canada, the US, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Ireland, England and the village of Pumpkintown. Artists include Fivel, The Longest Day Ensemble, Rinde Eckert, Lars Hollmer, Tim Eriksen, Ensemble Éiru, Anima, Groupa, Martha Mavroidi, Kristi Stassinapoulou & Stathis Kalyviotis, Ale Moller, Andy Irvine & Paul Brady, Paris to Kyiv, Richard Thompson and Oliver Schroer. Happy New Year!

On the 184th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we'll focus on some new recordings from Haiti (including our Music of the Month selections for March). We'll hear from Moken, a Montreal based singer songwriter, originally from Cameroon. French experimentalist St Germain will mix the voices of Mali with modern electronics and mixing, and Bill Laswell will do the same for some recordings from the US and Russia. We'll also hear new music from Finnish composer and accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen, some film music from Norwegian artist Anders Roine and a new tango duet by Vicente Bögeholz and Juanjo Mosalini.

On RootsWorld Radio #143, we'll feature recordings made last year in Hanoi of some very unusual instruments and styles, from a set titled "War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar." We'll also hear new music from Danish fiddler and composer Harald Haugaard. We'll hear flutes from Sweden, guitar from Argentina, accordion, horn and guitars from Italy and much more.

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