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On RootsWorld Radio #259, we'll hear voices from North America, Latvia, Mali, France and Brazil and instrumentalists from Malta, Russia and Turkey. The show will include new works and old. Artists include Emicida, Etnika, Ilgi, Moira Smiley, Malicorne, Gabriel Yacoub, Samurai Accordion, Darshan, Djeneba & Fousco, Levent Yildirim, and Lunar Cape.

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On the 258th edition of RootsWold Radio, we'll hear music new and old made by artists from the US, Portugal, Italy, Quebec, Cyprus, Gascony and Auvernge in France, and Turkey via Belgium. Artists include Monsieur Doumani, Aronde, 3MA (Ballake Sissoko/Driss El Maloumi/Rajery), The Pinhan Trio, Moira Smiley, Les Poules a Colin, Marco Poeta & Roberto Licci, Deltas, and Spanglish Fly.

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RootsWorld Radio #257 includes a Belgian-Arab string experiment, Estonian folk songs, folk-rock from Cyprus, accordions from Europe, modern Balkan sounds, Indo-Nordic dreams, and machines meeting reeds and strings. Artists on the show: Monsieur Doumani, Samurai Accordion, Mirkovic & Vasilic, Mames Babeganush, Belem & The Mekanics, The Ghent Folk Violin Project, Mari Kalkun, and Nordic Raga.

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The 256th edition of RootsWorld Radio will feature a lot of voices and fiddlers. Yodeling, liturgical singing, Balkan romance, Cypriot poetic politics, and modern Finnish balladry will be side by side with fiddles from England, Finland and more. We'll toss in a bass solo, an accordion quintet and a few more things to keep it varied and lively. Artists on the show include Luisa Cottifogli, Monsuier Doumani, James Patrick Gavin, Accordion Samurai, Okra Playground, Peter Stan & Eva Salina, Natasa Mirkovic & Nenad Vasilic, and Emilia Lajunen & Suvi Oskala.

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RootsWorld Radio #254 will be heavy on the accordions as we listen to music from Poland, Finland, Belgium, and a quintet of boxes from all over Europe, plus music from Brittany and Canada. Artists include Accordion Samurai, Maria Kalaniemi & Eero Grundstrom, Didier Laloy's Belem & The Mekanics, WoWaKin, Adam Strug, Kapela Maliszów and Little Big Noz.

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On the 253rd edition of the show, we'll start with two great Polish bands, WoWaKin and Kapela Maliszów. The rest of the show is a live recording by Spöket i Köket (a ghost in the kitchen) They are a Nordic-Canadian band with roots in Québéc, Cape Breton, various Swedish and other Nordic traditions, as well as heavy metal and dixieland. It's a unique ensemble and here they are recorded live as part of the Folk Spot 2017 showcases at the famous Třnder Festival in Denmark.

The 250th edition of RootsWorld Radio will start and end with two very different artists from the American south. To get from there to there, we'll also hear some forbidden music from Italy, an old American song from a Nashville superstar, a hybrid of Scots and Austrian music, a Norwegian view of Ireland, edgy contemporary music from Lebanon, and a Balkan-Italian duo. Artists will include Ranky Tanky, Lee Ann Womack, Black Market Tune, Acquaragia Drom with Erasmo Treglia, Tania Saleh, Maria Mazzotta & Redi Hasa, KV Express and Mosquito Cabaret.

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